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Our Church History

From the initial teachings of Jesus Christ to today’s modern faiths, churches have undergone many changes, both subtle and significant. Better understanding church history can help us appreciate the cultural influences that have shaped our religions and religious texts today. It gives us insight into how our beliefs were formulated throughout the ages. Although some aspects of our faith remain constant throughout time and place, there is much to be learned about how our ancestor’s beliefs impacted modern practice in churches around the world.

The church history of Slatersville Congregational Church, a UCC church, has a strong foundation. Begun in 1808, ours is the oldest Sunday School in the country. Our congregation was established in 1816 and is now housed in a beautiful building that was completed in 1838. A neighboring congregation, Globe Church, joined our congregation in 1974, and in 1988 a multi-use hall was added to the church building and was named “Globe Hall.”

The most important event in the past 10 years for our church is when we voted, in 2019, to become “Open and Affirming,” dedicating and confirming our Welcoming Statement: “No matter who you are and where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.” As a church, we highly value our deep history and revere our traditions, but we also continue to adjust and shift with the times, accepting all people into our church by respecting differences, moving beyond tolerance, into acceptance and affirmation.

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