by Michell Eskeli

Hello All,
I address you today as Head Deacon, Council Member, Search Squad Member and your Friend. I know there is a lot of confusion and stress these days. I am hoping to help with
some of that.

There is good news. It’s almost Spring and Easter is right around the corner. We have Reverend Karen Dorshimer-Chaplin to lead us through Holy Week. Since Rev. Karen is a
pulpit supply Minister, if you have a pastoral need, call me and you will be put in touch with the help you seek. Donna is also transitioning to working afternoon hours.

Your Church leaders are hard at work behind the scenes. We have been making great progress in preparing our church for success when a new minister is called.

Your search squad is still hard at work to find the right fit for our church and what we want for the future.

At some point when a candidate is identified, we will announce a “candidate weekend”. We will release a name and a date for the minister to come and give a sermon. This event will be made very public, YOU WILL NOT MISS IT! We will not sneak it in. We need you to hear the candidate, to meet them and to form an opinion. The Congregation will then vote on accepting that person as our new Spiritual leader.

That day is well in the future. So, keep praying, keep having faith in the search squad and in the Church council and other leaders.

In these days of adjustment, we have lots of experience to reflect on. We have learned that we are more capable than even we knew.

I know it seems like we have been in the desert for a very long time. We are not lost, we are searching. We are not waiting, we are reaching. We are not alone, we are in this together. You can always reach out to church leaders, we are here.

I wish you all peace and joy.

– Michell