February Update: A Few Thoughts

by Rev. Korte Yeo

Hello Slatersville CC fam,

On January 21st, Donna Stone, Palmer Swanson and Meaghan Castro shared reflections as lay folks willing to put themselves out there for the good of the congregation. They had each agreed to practice a combined and compressed form of 3 Contemplative practices: Lectio Divina, centering prayer, and breath meditation on four consecutive days, using different Bible translations and listening for the Spirit.

Last week saw SCC welcome 4 new members to the congregation (with 3 others joining, but not able to attend in person) during the “retreat-style service” I’ve been promising for several months. It was up in the air for a moment there, but was made possible by Jill & Mason Boday, and Sammie McNeil, with Pat Renaud filling in on organ after a late development left us without an organist/pianist for the service. I can’t thank these folks enough for stepping up.

It was honestly a pretty trying week, and without Jill’s help, we don’t have live music in the service last week… so THANK YOU!

On both weeks, these people demonstrated a lived-out faith, courage and vulnerability in allowing themselves to be vessels of God’s Word into morning worship service, and for that I thank them (and so should you!)

We have several opportunities for spiritual growth and/or service this month at SCC. It brings renewed hope to know that a couple of our newest members have already agreed to help out with committees. Please do consider offering to help, especially if you are not already serving on a committee.

There is, of course, the crucial conversations group, which will be meeting after church on Sundays after worship on alternating weeks. The group will be led by Margaret and Michell.

There is a plan for a Bible study group meeting weekly Wednesday evenings at 5 PM. The first 2 weeks will be a very brief study of the history of the Bible. We will then begin exploring different topics that recur throughout scripture.

There is a small group of the Slatersville Church Contemplative Collective who is considering a Lenten journey through the book “Christian Meditation for Skeptics”. It’s not so much for people skeptical about meditation or Christian contemplation, but rather skeptical about their ability to focus long enough to engage in either of them effectively.

The book uses brief (3 minute) meditations over a 40 day period, introducing the group to five classic Christian meditation techniques. The group will read the beginning of the book, meeting once per week to discuss their experience with the week’s spiritual practice via zoom or in a hybrid group after determining what best meets their needs and convenience.

We will also have a scripture reading posted on the church Facebook page each day, along with question prompts and an opportunity to share thoughts beneath each day’s post. We will also be sending these daily invitations to reflection out through constant contact as we did during Advent.

Lastly, and perhaps most exciting is the newly forming Worship Team. The day and time of meeting is yet to be determined, but please do let someone know if you are interested in being part of this vital team.

The Worship team will discuss future preaching series and ways to bring vision through music and artistic expression to each week’s service. The team is comprised of the minister, Diaconate and music and anyone who would like to help bring creativity and depth to Sunday Worship, as well as special services, retreats and events.

Be well and we will see you on Sunday.