by Bob Meo, Chair of Stewardship Committee


Shortly you will be receiving our 2024 Stewardship letter talking about the fact that PROBLEMS are not really problems but rather OPPORTUNITIES to grow by solving. This morning I want to take pause and thank all of you for your continued financial and, more importantly, faithful support of this church. As stewards, everyone has done a great job of taking care of each other and our church.

We indeed have many OPPORTUNITIES to deal with in 2024 and they will be detailed in our upcoming letter and pledge request. Suffice it to say, like last year, our “Little Engine That Could” will need to keep chugging along saying, “I think I can, I think I can, I KNOW I can”.

Right now I’d like to acknowledge a few of those little engines that have really kept us going through these opportunistic times: Jenni, for accepting and solving numerous challenges with
dignity and grace; Michell, who is always there to oversee and make sure everything works; John, who has filled our sanctuary with the beauty of his music; and Rev. Korte, for being a breath of fresh air in our continuing spiritual search to be followers of Christ.

Thankful Sunday will be November 19th. Please review the information that will be sent to you and know that the church appreciates your continuing support.

Thank you.