Spotlight: Pins & Needles

by Alison Pierce

Knit (or Crochet) Your Love and Prayers into a Prayer Shawl!

A prayer shawl is a wearable hug crafted with love and intent by the Pins and Needles group for anyone in need of comfort. When a prayer shawl is prayed over in our Sanctuary and then given to someone in need, it goes with the Congregation’s healing prayers and God’s love. This ministry has been a part of our church fabric for many years and the need is still great, but our shawl supply is dwindling and we need your help!

If you have any level of knitting or crocheting skills, please reach out to Gretchen Westhoven, Alison Peirce, or Joan Bissonnette. Or join us each Thursday afternoon at 1:00 PM for an hour of knitting, instructional help, laughter, and sharing. We have yarn available along with easy-to-follow instructions.