Apple Dumpling Gang and Pumpkin Fest!

by Jean Meo

Pumpkin Fest 2023 is over and it was very successful. We made around $900, sold 105 apple dumplings, 33 whole pizzas, and quite a few ice cream sundaes. We were very pleased with the positive comments as our reputation and tradition of the apple dumplings continues! The bonus was a beautiful fall day after the date was changed due to the predicted effects of Hurricane Lee.

The Apple Dumpling Gang (kitchen crew) on Saturday was terrific. The apples were peeled and cored, the dough was rolled, and the apples were baking within a couple of hours. The kitchen and Globe Hall smelled delicious! The Gang outdid themselves as usual and realized (we hope!) the FUN part of Fundraising as they worked so diligently!!

We could not have done it without all the help we received both Saturday and Sunday in so many different ways – peeling, coring, rolling dough, setting up our booths, selling our goodies, cleaning up. A huge Thank You to everyone who participated and helped out. Our success is due to your efforts and we appreciate your willingness to show up! It takes a village – and you made it all happen!