Join US! SCC Discussion Series

Published On: August 7th, 2023

Join the discussion on the present collective awareness of our church congregation, as well as our future aspirations, concerns, and expectations. We strongly encourage ALL ages to participate.

We invite you to jump into a deep, respectful conversation to acknowledge where we are, with the ultimate goal of becoming a stronger faith community.

August 13 – Search Committee Update: what general feedback have we received from interviews with candidates?

August 27 – Changes in the Church: how do we feel about change? what are the positives we anticipate and the negatives we fear?

September 10 – What does “Open and Affirming” Mean to Us?: how does gender identitiy and perception of God impact our services and the way we may be perceived by our neighbors?

September 24 – What does “Social Justive” Mean to Us?: what does social justice look like? how can our church build a stronger faith community for peace, justive, equality, and inclusivity?