Pastoral Search Update

Published On: June 2nd, 2023

Hi everyone. I hope you have all been enjoying the spring. I have not been in church much because of lots of soccer but my heart is still with you even when I am not there in person. The Pastoral Search Committee continues to be working on behalf of the congregation to find a settle minister. We have had a couple of candidates that we really felt would be a good fit, but both went with other churches. Profiles continue to trickle in. There are a lot of churches looking for pastors right now and not many candidates. It is hard for the committee to be patient during this process when we have the details of what is going on; but we recognize that it is even more challenging to be waiting without knowing any specifics. Know we feel your stress and concern for our future. We are grateful that Rev. Korte has agreed to provide us with pulpit supply through the summer while we explore candidates who are looking for settled positions. It is a special calling to be willing to step in and guide a church with limited background knowledge of our church family. We are also grateful for your ongoing prayers for the committee while we move forward. As always, please
do not hesitate to reach out to me or anyone on the committee. We will share what we are able to.

-Tamara Sylestre