The Missions Committee met last night during our March snowstorm and our thoughts turned to the Woonsocket Men’s Shelter, which will close for the season in April. It is hard to think about those men not having a warm place to go for the night once the shelter closes its doors. We will provide one last hot meal for the men on April 1st in collaboration with the Broaster House, which has been a steadfast and giving partner these last few years. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to them and to Sandy Gamache, who lovingly prepares home-baked desserts and other goodies to help the men at the shelter know that there are caring hearts in their midst.

The Missions Committee also wants to recognize and thank all of our church members who quietly donate to the Men’s Shelter throughout the season by dropping items off in the chest outside the church office. Your gifts of toiletries, gently used clothing, and new underwear and socks are greatly appreciated by the Men’s Shelter and those who receive your donations with gratitude.

When we visit the shelter in April, we will provide 25 $10 gift certificates to Burger King so that the men can purchase a meal or a cup of coffee in the absence of the shelter once it closes.

As the conflict in Ukraine continues to devastate the infrastructure in this country, the Missions Committee voted to send $1,000 to Heart to Heart International. These dollars will help Heart to Heart continue to deliver life-saving medicine, portable medical clinics, medical supplies and humanitarian aid to support people affected by the war in Ukraine. Trusted local partners have been distributing this critical aid since February of 2022 throughout Ukraine to people who need it the most, and our donation will help them continue to supply life-saving aid along with HOPE.