Again, O Lord? The Pain of Gun Violence Against Children

Again, O Lord? Again, are we suffering the consequences of loving the freedom to own guns more than the freedom for children to go to school without being killed?

It is horrifying to see the photos of young children being evacuated from their classrooms. It is horrifying to read the names of the three nine-year-olds who were killed. Have mercy on us, O God. Transform us and our nation so that this violence ends.

The pain of this violence calls us to act. Learn more about what gun violence prevention organizations in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts are doing, and join in their action: 

In addition to the pain of this senseless violence is the pain of learning that the shooter was a transgender man. We must be vigilant that our discussions of this tragedy does not turn the very real grief and need for action into anti-trans rhetoric, policy, and violence. The UCC national setting is curating resources and action opportunities to support trans people, and you can join in here:

UCC Takes Up Urgent Collection of Love Letters for Trans Youth

‘Trans Youth Lives Matter’: UCC leaders commit to love and justice in action amidst anti-LGBTQ bills

This article was first posted on the Southern New England Conference site:

Again, O Lord? The Pain of Gun Violence Against Children