I can’t believe it’s already November. Where does the time go? John Staples and I are already starting to plan worship services for Advent. It’ll be here before we know it. I wonder if, like me, you’ve been noticing the TV commercials for Christmas gifts that are already flooding the airwaves. As I was wondering what happened to Thanksgiving, I was grateful to see that this year some of the “big box” retailers won’t be open on Thanksgiving Day. Their Associates will have the day off to be with friends and family. For this, I am thankful.

I’m also thankful when I see so much activity in the church this Fall. The Sunday School is up-and-running and offering our children and families new opportunities for Christian education and connection. The Confirmation program is also up-and-running, and we have six wonderful young people full of enthusiasm to participate in the life of the church as they explore their faith over this coming year.

As they did in September, our Confirmands will be working alongside member and friends of the Slatersville Church on Thankful Sunday, November 20th to fill Blessing Bags. I’ve heard that we’re going to try to fill 150 bags this time because there was such a terrific response to the bags last time. While I’m so very grateful that our efforts are meaningful to so many in need of such supplies, it’s also challenging for me to consider how many people are in such need.

As we approach this season when we give thanks for all that we have, may we also give thanks for the many ways that we can reach out to help others, and may we do so. As we hold these members of our greater community in our prayers, may we also work for the day when all of God’s beloved children may take their seat at the table where all needs are satisfied.

I wish you and yours a warm and blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Rev. Linda